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Nexsound - Wayward Music
by Various
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Nexsound is glad to present second edition of Polyvox Populi compilation, this time in mpeg layer 3 format free for downloading and fulfilled with IDM, microsound, experimental, post-rock music from ex-USSR countries. This includes famous EU (Eloshnye Igruski), Klutch and Tenzor from Cheburec records, Novel 23 and Ambidextrous from Shaped Harmonics, Uni from Kohvi, Oloolo and Elpa from Kolka, Brompton's Cocktail from Fulldozer, Peel off the Bass from Quasipop records, freelancer h.h.t.p. and of...
Topics: Noise, Experimental, Ambient, Glitch, postrock, Easy Listening
Webbed Hand
by C.P. McDill
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Saluki Regicide's first album of soundtracks for weird dreams, these peculiar sonic paintings are less music than opiate science fiction. This is headphone music for playing in the dark, plain and simple. The work of Saluki Regicide is a transmission from one synaesthetic consciousness to another. Simultaneously dark and witty, it engages your mind and leads it to some very strange places. Thank you for listening to this Webbed Hand Records release. Please visit the WHR homepage to explore our...
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Topics: Experimental, Sound Art, Dark Ambient, uneasy listening, Dreamworking